About Catnel

Name: Colleen Phillips
Age: 44 years old.

I am a 44 year old woman who is married to a self appointed writer/publisher. (Ron Earl Phillips.)

I am a Medical Assistant by day… a writer at night.
I am a Mother of one. My daughter who is now 21 years old and can make her own decisions and mistakes as she gets older through this thing called Life.

My hobbies consist of reading, writing and collecting things that appeal to me.

Current Obsessions:
Discord from MLP:FiM
Foxy from FNAF

I enjoy drawing my own ideas and trying to make my ideas up as I go the reason I enjoy the character Discord from MLP is that he is easy to write for me. I think he is funny and he has a lot of great potential for jokes.

I enjoy the character Foxy from FNAF is that he is a broken character that has been abandoned. It’s a sad but a very scary character.

Also, if you don’t understand me, I really don’t care. I do what I want and I don’t feel like I should be judged for what I do.

If you are offended by what I post on here, then maybe you shouldn’t have come to this website to begin with remove thy face from my place. So there.

My confession is: I am a Anthropomorphic fan. I draw Anthropomorphs  (in layman terms Furry.) I write using Anthropomorphs and really if you are offended by that for the fact you think it’s weird or don’t agree with it, tough. It’s my life not yours. I didn’t ask for your opinion.

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